Registration and fees

The course is aimed at individuals who want to take advantage of opportunities such as digitalization and shape companies.


Secure your place in the future-oriented Master's program Corporate/Business Development at OST today by registering. Timely registration is recommended as the program is usually fully booked. The official registration deadline is April 30, and the program starts in mid-September.

The program is aimed at bachelor graduates in the field of economics/business administration or in related fields such as industrial engineering, business informatics, business law, business psychology, facility management, business communications, etc.

The following cumulative requirements apply for admission to the program:

a) the possession of a Bachelor's degree from a Swiss university or an equivalent foreign university degree;

b) proof of at least 60 European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) points in business and economics related modules within the scope of the university studies of lit. a);

c) in the case of a non-German-speaking educational background, proof of German language skills at the C1 level and sufficient knowledge of the specialist language, which will be tested in the admission interview according to lit. d);

d) participation in an admission interview

e) an overall Bachelor's grade of at least 4.5. The head of the program may admit applicants with a lower overall grade on a case-by-case basis, especially if the organizational feasibility of the program allows it.

If there is any uncertainty regarding the fulfillment of the admission requirements, clarification can be provided by the head of the program prior to registration. In exceptional cases, if a few ECTS points are missing according to lit b), a post-qualification to be agreed upon is possible before or during the study program.

To apply, please complete the online application and upload the following documents: letter of motivation, copy of Matura or Berufsmatura certificate, Bachelor's degree (if available), diploma certificate or current Transcript of Records.



Admission fees

Application fee (one-time) CHF 200.00

Tuition fees

  • Semester fee (per semester): CHF 1'000.- [1]
  • Semester fee for long-term students (per semester): CHF 1'500.- [2]
  • Semester fee for all students without Swiss residency (per semester): CHF 1'500.- [3]
  • Semester fee for students on leave of absence (per semester): CHF 200.-.

Other costs

  • Teaching materials (copies, teaching aids, etc.) variable
  • Campuscard (in case of loss) CHF 20.-
  • Locker key (one-time) CHF 50.-

A detailed overview can be found in the Fee Schedule as well as in the document Fee Tariff for Administrative Fees.

[1] Students who were resident in Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein at the time they obtained their recognized vocational baccalaureate certificate or equivalent.

[2] Students who exceed the limit of the maximum number of ECTS credits: Bachelor max. 210 ECTS, Master max. 150 ECTS. The ECTS already accounted for by another university of applied sciences (according to the drop-out sheet) are added to this limit.

[3] According to Swiss law, students from abroad who do not have a Swiss passport and who come to Switzerland to study do not have a civil law residence in Switzerland (Art. 23 ZGB). They pay the additional tuition fee of CHF 500.- for the entire duration of their studies in addition to the regular tuition fee (regardless of whether their civil law domicile is transferred to Switzerland after the start of their studies). A civil law residence does not exist if the residence permit was issued for the purpose of study/training.


The state grants scholarships and student loans if the full costs of the education cannot be expected of an applicant or his/her parents.

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Advice on financing your studies

Our Career Center (in German) is available for questions about financing your studies: