Welcome to the INS Security Competence Centre.

We are happy to help you with any concerns in the following areas of cybersecurity:

General Cyber Security

We are happy to support you in any security-related everyday problems that arise in your IT operations. Be it in the conception, implementation or simply the operation of your IT infrastructure.

For this purpose, we also provide you with targeted offers for your network infrastructure. This falls within our area of competence of network security.

We are also happy to help with all other platforms. Be it your OT environment, IoT devices or your critical IT infrastructure - we are happy to help you with any projects. This belongs to the Platform Security area of competence.

We link modern software techniques with your needs for security. We do this by supporting you every step of the way on your way to the ideal application. We work with agile software engineering methods that allow for an optimal design and the integration of state-of-the-art security solutions into your application.

This applies to web-based, mobile or desktop applications. We have diversified know-how across a broad spectrum, which we apply regardless of your preferred technology stack.

As an institute of a cantonal university, we fulfil our educational mandate both in training our students and in passing on our knowledge to all interested parties.

We do this with a variety of interesting and up-to-date modules in the field of cyber security. Partly taught by ourselves, partly in cooperation with experienced employees of security companies who bring a breath of fresh air into our training. This allows us to offer our participants an interesting and up-to-date training programme.

Our support programmes are not limited to our students at OST. We also have an exciting junior development programme called «CTF Bootcamp». In this format, we teach up-and-coming cyber security experts about various basic cyber security topics.

In addition, we organise the Cybersecurity Days, where we invite experts to speak on the topic of cybersecurity. The event culminates in a CTF «Capture the Flag», where up to 100 participants compete in hacking in Rapperswil.

The company courses are consistently geared to the previous knowledge and needs of your employees. You are free to choose the topics. Our tailor-made courses provide your employees with specialist knowledge and know-how so that they are fit for new projects.

As a university institute, we are independent of manufacturers and institutions. Our embedding in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Applied Sciences of Eastern Switzerland allows us to bring in experts from other areas of computer science and thus offer you optimal support for your development projects.

Thanks to their wide-ranging IT know-how, coupled with profound knowledge, our excellently trained employees are able to develop viable and high-quality solutions to your problems.

Funding / innovation projects

As an academic partner, we can carry out applied research projects and innovation projects for companies that receive public funding. Various channels exist for this, such as mainly Innosuisse (Swiss Agency for Innovation Promotion), but also Eurostars (EU programme) and the EU Research Programme.

Innovation at low cost

There is the possibility to realise partial aspects of larger projects within the framework of semester and diploma theses. This results in interesting, practical tasks for the students. As a project partner, you benefit from a reduction in project costs and from the high quality of the results.