Welcome to the Networks Competence Centre of the INS

Our institute has been working with network technologies for over 15 years. We follow the latest developments, put them through their paces ourselves and, based on this, help our partners and customers to introduce them in the practical environment.

We specialise in intent-based networks, which are used today for data centre, enterprise and service provider networks. Software, networks and infrastructures are becoming increasingly interconnected. Applications offer exciting new possibilities, and intent-based networking allows organisations to take advantage of automation to scale and protect their network infrastructure.

Enterprise infrastructure

Today's enterprise network has changed radically from what it was ten years ago - and the pace of change continues to accelerate.

The traditional office-based way of working has been replaced by a hybrid approach where employees work flexibly at home, in the office or somewhere in between. Migration to the cloud is a critical enabler of the flexibility required for today's digital working environments. 
The boundaries of network security need to be pushed far beyond traditional office boundaries. For example, network segmentation, consistent policies and endpoint analytics can reduce the risk of security breaches becoming enterprise-wide attacks.
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are increasingly being used to support operations - an approach known as AIOps.

Adapting to these trends is a major challenge and Sofware Defined Networking provides the necessary new capabilities for enterprise network infrastructure.

Intent-based networking

Intent-based Networking (IBN) is a growing technology concept that aims to replace the manual processes of configuring networks and controlling network functions with a higher level of intelligence and intent. 

INS develops applications that make routing in networks such as the Internet intent-based.

Service provider networks

At the INS Institute for Networks and Security in Eastern Switzerland, we focus on applied Segment Routing.

Segment Routing came onto the market in 2013 as a new technology and has achieved enormous success with service providers, hyper-scale web providers and large companies. It is no wonder that the adoption of this technology is growing exponentially, as it is a key enabler for the transformation that all networks will have to undergo in the future. 

We offer courses in segment routing and lead several projects to develop segment routing applications. We also conduct research projects in collaboration with leading players in the field of telecommunications.

Network automation

Automation is essential to meet the increasing demands and high complexity of modern networks. Today's network engineers therefore need a basic understanding of programming and the corresponding tools.