Competence Centre Cloud at INS

Welcome to the INS Cloud Competence Centre!

More and more services are being provided in the public cloud. Companies are connecting their servers in their own data centres with those in the cloud. Our Cloud Competence Centre specialises in the network functions between the private and public clouds and the security guidelines that apply in this regard.

With micro-services-based applications, the network and security in the cloud no longer end at the server's network card. The containers are the new entity that need connectivity and security. We at INS are also there for you with our expertise for these cloud-native technologies.

Cloud Networking

Cloud networking deals with the company's network functions and resources hosted in a public or private cloud platform and available on demand.

Cloud Security

A cloud environment is only as secure as its weakest point. Therefore, effective cloud security means multiple technologies working together to protect data and applications from all sides. This often includes firewalls, identity and access management (IAM), segmentation and encryption, although security requirements may vary depending on the type of cloud implementation.

Cloud Native Infrastructure

An application running in a public and private cloud is often built to be cloud-native. This means that the application has been developed in such a way that it can optimally exploit the advantages of the cloud. The orchestration of the deployment of cloud-native applications is done via Kubernetes.