Applied Research

What makes us and our projects special:

  • Up-to-date – We stay on the ball for you.
  • Independent – Unadulterated results for you and your customers.
  • Interdisciplinary – Inside and beyond the Centers of Competence.
  • Practical focus – We not only conduct research for the academic world, bus also for you.
  • Scientific – We utilize professional, clearly structure, scientific methods.

Our team comprises practitioners with a solid academic background. This combination makes us the optimal partner to assist with strategic implementation, realignment, market research, concept development, business plan review, regular customer information, market updates, opportunity analysis, comparison studies, clarifying adjustments, supplementing know-how, clarifying risks…

We don’t conduct our research in an ivory tower
We combine academic research methods with practical implementation. Our aim is to explore current issues with you and work together on business concepts to ensure that you are best placed to tackle future challenges and opportunities.

We offer the following four products in the area of applied research:


We would be happy to discuss potential projects and our services with you in detail as part of a personal consultation. Contact us today and schedule a non-binding consultation.


Case studies and references

  • ICO financing for start-ups
  • Blockchain for businesses and Communes
  • Investment styles and strategies
  • Monthly research for asset management firms
  • Development of a rating model
  • Behavioral financial planning
  • Assessment and reporting for green bonds
  • Performance analysis for asset managers