Quality management system

The OST quality management system is strategically embedded across multiple levels of our organization. OST has a single, common vision and mission with defined core values and strategic goals that guide and inform our activities. The OST quality management system is subject to continuous development, evaluation and improvement in accordance with the overarching OST Strategy, the organizational and competitive strategy and the quality assurance strategy. Goal 5 – «Quality» from the OST Strategy provides clear and authoritative direction on the subject of quality assurance and quality development:

«OST is actively committed to continuous improvement through its lived, deep-rooted quality culture, a target-oriented quality management system and selected accreditations and certifications.»

OST's quality management system is based on a model developed in 2020 by the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). A common understanding of quality standards in teaching, executive education, applied research and development, and additional services provided by OST form the foundation of our shared quality culture. The quality assurance strategy defines OST's desired outcomes (Determining quality – Focus) alongside the specific quality management tools necessary to achieve them (Designing quality – realization). The continuous improvement process concludes with the evaluation and improvement of the implemented procedures (Assessing quality – Results). The quality management system helps us to foster a quality culture through the selection and provision of suitable quality assurance structures, concepts and processes, from which improvement measures can be derived and quality development can be ensured.

Quality assurance strategy

The quality assurance strategy informs all university stakeholders of their place in OST's strategic and operational framework. Furthermore, it explains and documents OST's definition and understanding of «quality culture». This defined strategic trajectory underpins the guidelines for quality assurance and development. The quality assurance strategy ensures that OST has a systematically maintained quality management system, which supports the mission and goals of OST. The quality assurance concept derived from the quality assurance strategy sets out the roles, instruments and processes necessary for quality development at OST.

Quality development

Quality is made by people for people. OST sees quality development as a tool which can support the realization of all university tasks. The aim is to continuously develop and ensure quality in the service areas and in the university as a living space. Numerous participants from different organizational units contribute to assuring high standards of quality at the university. All university bodies are supplied with information and data, which can support the planning, implementation, quality assurance and development of their services and areas of activity to help realize a continuously improving university that contributes to the well-being of our students, our project partners and everyone involved in day-to-day university life.