Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences is managed on the strategic level by the Board of Trustees which is comprised of 15 members from business, society, science and education in the OST’s seven founding regions.

Board of Trustees

[Translate to English:] Michael Auer, Hochschulratspräsident der OST


Michael Auer

Founder and Partner, Parrtner AG

[Translate to English:] Luzia Truniger, Vize-Hochschulratspräsidentin OST

Vice President

Luzia Truniger

Owner Hochschulconsulting

[Translate to English:] Markus Bänziger, Hochschulrat OST

Markus Bänziger

Director, Chamber of Industry and Commerce St.Gallen-Appenzell

[Translate to English:] Markus Bollhalder, Hochschulrat OST

Markus Bollhalder

Member of the management of Bollhalder + Eberle Architektur AG

[Translate to English:] Silvio Breitenmoser, Hochschulrat OST

Silvio Breitenmoser

Departementssekretär des Erziehungsdepartements und Leiter Amt für Mittel- und Hochschulen des Kantons Appenzell-Innerrhoden

[Translate to English:] Ruth Breu, Hochschulrätin OST

Ruth Breu

Professor at Department of Computer Science, Leopold-Franzens-Universität Innsbruck

[Translate to English:] Fabian Frick, Hochschulrat OST

Fabian Frick

co-CEO, Hoval AG

[Translate to English:] Peter Kistler, Hochschulrat OST

Peter Kistler

Country Manager, Bruker AXS Schweiz

[Translate to English:] Agnes König, Hochschulrätin OST

Agnes König

Pflegedirektorin, Kantonsspital Münsterlingen

[Translate to English:] Annina Marti Croset, Hochschulrätin OST

Annina Marti Croset

Member of the management, marti engineering AG

[Translate to English:] Bernhard Merki, Hochschulrat OST

Bernhard Merki


[Translate to English:] Edith Rehli-Wolfinger, Hochschulrätin OST

Edith Rehli-Wolfinger

Executive Doctor, Hospital Grabs

[Translate to English:] Urs Schwager, Hochschulrat OST

Urs Schwager

Leiter des Amtes für Mittel- und Hochschulen des Kantons Thurgau

[Translate to English:] Claude Stadler, Hochschulrat OST

Claude Stadler

Head of Corporate Services, SFS Group

[Translate to English:] Hanspeter Thür, Hochschulrat OST

Hanspeter Thür

Regional Director, UBS Ostschweiz

[Translate to English:] Igor Bosshard, OST

Igor Bosshard


Employee representator, research assistant, SPF Institute for Solar Technology

[Translate to English:] Nancy Eckert, OST

Nancy Eckert


Leiterin Geschäftsstelle der Trägerkonferenz und des Hochschulrates

[Translate to English:] Carlo Höhener, OST

Carlo Höhener


Director of Administration

[Translate to English:] Daniel Seelhofer, OST

Daniel Seelhofer



[Translate to English:] Lotte Verhagen, OST

Lotte Verhagen


Students council, student social work