Admission requirements

Admission to the Bachelor's degree program in Business Administration at OST requires one of the following formal educational qualifications:

Berufsmaturandinnen und Berufsmaturand Wirtschaft und Dienstleistung, type Wirtschaft (recommended) or type Dienstleistung (formerly gewerbliche Berufsmaturität) are entitled to study for a Bachelor's degree at the OST.

In the case of a vocational baccalaureate of a different direction as well as a Gymnasium baccalaureate or a specialized baccalaureate, proof (work certificate) of at least 12 months of work experience in an occupation related to the field of study must be submitted.

HF diplomas in the field of business administration

With a HF degree from a recognized higher technical college in the field of business administration in accordance with the Vocational Training Act BBG, admission in the 1st semester is possible, provided that you can also prove at least 12 months of commercial professional experience (scope of employment 100%).

Direct entry into the main study program:

With the following HF degrees, direct entry into the main study program is possible by means of Passerelle (3rd semester full-time or 4th semester part-time). A total of up to 60 ECTS credits can be awarded

  • Business Economist HF
  • Banking HF
  • Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • Hôtelier/ière-Restaurateur/trice HF
  • Marketing Manager HF
  • Tourism Specialist HF
  • Technician HF Business Processes
  • HF Insurance Manager

Non-specialized HF diplomas

In the case of non-specialized HF diplomas from a recognized higher vocational school in accordance with the Vocational Training Act (BBG), proof (confirmation of work) of at least 12 months of work experience in an occupation related to the field of study must be submitted.

A shortened study program is not possible for non-specialized HF diplomas.

For further information on the eligibility of Higher Technical College (HST) diplomas or an appointment for an individual consultation, please contact the study administration

University admissions from EU countries are recognized in the same way as federal qualifications if proof of commercial work experience is provided. In addition, for prospective students with a foreign-language admission to a University of Applied Sciences, proof of sufficient German language skills at level C1 and English language skills at level B2 is mandatory. (English: e.g. First Certificate or Pearson Test of English Level 3.)

Graduates from other educational backgrounds may be accepted if they demonstrate equivalent academic and professional knowledge. The department management decides on the equivalence in individual cases. It may make admission conditional on proof of further academic achievement and/or professional experience.

Proof of English at level B2 (e.g. Cambridge First Certificate or Pearson Test of English, Level 3).

The course is based on the content taught at the commercial vocational baccalaureate school. Therefore, the learning content of the BMS curriculum of the BM Business and Services, Business type, is assumed to be known.

In addition to practical skills in using the most common Office applications (Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel and PowerPoint), you will need the basic IT knowledge from the “Berufsmaturität Ausrichtung Wirtschaft und Dienstleistungen, Typ Wirtschaft.”

The following book covers the basics of information technology. It can also be read selectively or used as a reference book.

Joos, T. (2020). Informationstechnologie - Grundlagen. 8. Ausgabe. Herdt-Lehrmittel. ISBN: 978-3-86249-962-5

Available from

We offer preparatory courses in these two modules for prospective students who are not yet proficient in financial accounting and/or mathematics. In order to determine whether it is advisable to attend one or both of the preparatory courses, we ask you to take the self-assessment tests before registering and to assess yourself on the basis of the sample solutions.

Registration forms and further information on the preparation courses will be sent out in May.

The OST offers preparatory courses for prospective students who do not (or no longer) have the level of competence in financial accounting and/or mathematics required by the BMS curriculum of the BM Business and Services, Business Type. In order to assess one's own knowledge, the following self-assessment tests can be taken before enrolling:

  • Self-assessment test financial accounting tasks
  • Self-assessment test financial accounting solutions
  • Self-assessment test mathematics with solutions