Practical relevance

Companies in the region offer jobs that are linked to a place on the Master's Program in Business Information Technology at Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences. This can either mean that studying is an explicit part of the employment contract or – ideally – that a ‘career path’ is agreed with the student.

The Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences specifically targets candidates for these positions and courses in the final phase of the Bachelor's program, and it advertises the practice-integrated range of courses in cooperation with the companies involved.

This gives the participating companies access to highly qualified workers and allows them to develop the students ‘on the job’ and bind them to the company. Students of the Master in Business Information Technology receive an advanced education while simultaneously being able to work in a role that corresponds to the course contents. In addition, the collaboration between companies and the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences allows the students to conduct innovative projects for «their» employer within the context of the degree program.