Photonics Systems Manufacturing

Training, optimization and development of optical fabrication chains and the technologies used therein.

The knowledge about the manufacturing of an optical system is an essential part of the product know-how and the basis for mastering and further development of each optical system; in each case the tripod of quality, quantities and manufacturing costs in interaction with the optical design and the performance of the optical system must be mastered. 


  • Development and optimization of optical fabrication chains and the optical fabrication technologies used
    • a.o. ultra-precision grinding, single point diamond turning (SPDT), laser polishing, precision glass molding (PGM), industrial CNC grinding and polishing, production-integrated metrology for process control.
  • «Processing replaces Machining»:
    • the entire manufacturing chain analyzed and optimized as a single overall process (1).
  • Applications
    • from prototyping to mass production,
    • from sub-millimeter to about one meter optics as well as
    • from IR to EUV optics.

We are internationally networked in teaching and research, conduct industry training and are active at conferences.

We look forward to your inquiry and will be happy to present our competencies in a direct exchange with you.

Dr. Oliver Fähnle

IMP Institut für Mikrotechnik und Photonik Leiter Kompetenzbereich optische Fertigungstechnologie

+41 58 257 33 59

Dr. Heidi Maria Cattaneo

IMP Institut für Mikrotechnik und Photonik Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

+41 58 257 33 81


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