We are your partner in development and implementation of projects in the area of energy and energy systems.

Feasibility studies

The first step in turning an innovative idea into a successful product is usually the most difficult one, especially for smaller businesses. We can help you to analyze how innovative and feasible your idea is and expand on it. Your company benefits not only from our professionalism, but also from public support, for example as part of an innovation check or an innovation project.

Innosuisse (formerly CTI)

The Swiss Federal Agency for Innovation Promotion Innosuisse (CTI until 2017) is responsible for promoting science-based innovations in Switzerland. Product-oriented university projects with a high level of innovation that are implemented in partnership with Swiss companies can be funded by Innosuisse with up to 50% of the total costs. At any given time, there are  5 to 10 of these projects running at IES. Topics currently include in the electrical side inductive charging technology, network adapters, industrial power supplies and high-voltage technology. On the thermal side low charge systems for flammable refrigerants, noise reduced heat pumps, low temperature refrigeration, industrial and high temperature heat pumps.

Innosuisse (external)

The Innoscheck is particularly suitable for preliminary and feasibility studies as well as for initial clarifications. Innoschecks are offered to both SME companies in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Innovationsscheck der Innosuisse (external)

For the Principality of Liechtenstein:
Innovationsscheck des Amts für Volkswirtschaft (external)

SCCER Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research

Energy research is divided into seven areas, coordinated across Switzerland and funded by the federal government. The power electronics laboratory is part of SCCER Mobiltiy and mainly deals with inductive charging technology for electric vehicles.

SCCER Mobility (external)

Another division of the SCCER supports research to increase the efficiency of industrial processes. The laboratory for thermal energy systems is part of the SCCER Efficiency of Industrial Processes.

SCCER Efficiency of Industrial Processes (external)


We develop and research your ideas with you and support you with administrative matters and the search for the best possible financing. Projects can be implemented in cooperation with our institute within the following framework.

The projects listed above are financially supported by the Swiss Confederation to varying degrees, depending on the degree of innovation of your idea.

Student work (Master- and Bachelorthesis)

In addition to the options listed above, there is also the option of implementing your idea in the following framework:

  • Bachelor thesis
  • In-depth work
  • Master thesis

The work is done by students and is part of their studies. The bachelor thesis is the final thesis in the bachelor’s degree and is often done in pairs. In the master’s degree, there are in-depth work during the course and the master’s thesis at the end, which are worked on individually. The respective workload for the bachelor thesis is 12 ECTS (360 hours). In the Master of Science, the workload for in-depth theses is typically 12 ECTS (360 hours) and for the master's thesis in the MSE 27 ECTS (810 hours).

Feedback from our industrial partners

"The cooperation with the IES is brilliant: short distances, uncomplicated manner and extremely competent implementation. "


Thomas Vogt
Adlos AG

"The IES is versatile and competently set up and focused on carrying out tests and analyzes in a practical manner."


Kurt Frei
Geschäftsführer Flumroc AG

"The IES for us: Competent, pragmatic and fast - cooperation that fits!"


Rolf Löhrer
Geschäftsführer Scheco AG

“Joint projects with the IES are implemented very efficiently in practice thanks to our extensive experience. Ideal cooperation between university and industrial partner. "


Thomas Müller
Büchi AG

"The cooperation with the IES is top notch:
Outstanding expertise and a very reliable partner. "


Christoph Keller
Leiter Technik & Entwicklung Haug Kompressoren AG

“The IES know-how in the field of power electronics was convincing on the whole! The cooperation was uncomplicated and efficient. "


Benjamin Koller und Salvatore Grillo
OekoSolve AG Plons