Chemical and physical polymer analysis


Polymer materials feature a wide variety of chemical, mechanical, thermal, electrical and optical properties. Whether you deal with rigid or elastic polymers, deformable or flowable materials, we will develop appropriate est methods and carry out professional analyzes around polymers and adhesives with thermoanalytical, spectroscopic, optical, rheological and mechanical methods. The Polymerics team has an extensive infrastructure available to handle these tasks. If you don't find the method you want here - ask us! We would be happy to find a partner institute that can help you.


Our service range

  • Spectrometry: FTIR, UV/VIS, Raman, XRF
  • Thermal analysis: DSC, TGA, DSC-OIT, thermal conductivity ISO/ASTM D5470
  • Rheology: MFR (melt flow rate)/MVR, rotational rheometry (for fluids and pastes), capillary and solvent viscosimetry
  • Microscopy: optical, fluorescent, FTIR microscopy, SEM-EDX
  • Particle analysis: size distribution, SEM, ring shear testing, particle tensiometry
  • Surface analytics: AFM, contact angle, surface energy, layer thickness
  • Long-term behavior: thermo and climatic chamber, UV exposure
  • Wet chemical preparation and testing: extraction, titrations, etc.
  • Physical and mechanical testing: density, hardness, tensile test, and more

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