Stronger together in the automotive industry: Our BDF for the automotive sector

In Switzerland, too, many jobs are directly or indirectly linked to cars. We understand the unique challenges facing the automotive sector and have created an exclusive BDF that allows you to tackle these challenges together and learn from the experiences and solutions of your peers in the sector.

Challenges for the automotive sector

The automotive sector is currently facing particular challenges.

  1. Skills shortage: the search for qualified and experienced mechanics can be a challenge. In our BDF, you have the opportunity to discuss proven methods for employee retention, recruitment, and development.
  2. Technological complexity: modern vehicles require solid knowledge of complex technologies. Our BDF offers space for exchanging best practices on mastering technological challenges and executive education and training for employees.
  3. Price wars and competition: competition within the automotive sector can lead to price wars. In the BDF, you can research strategies on how to set yourself apart from the competition through quality, service, and special offers.

Advantages of our BDF

What our BDF can offer you

  • Expert knowledge: meet with industry peers and work together on solutions to challenges such as skills shortages, technology change, and price wars.
  • Proven methods: find out how other businesses have mastered these challenges and how you can apply their approaches to your business.
  • Exchanging innovations: discover innovative approaches to employee retention, technological integration, customer retention, and how to be successful in your industry.
  • Community and support: use the BDF network to learn from each other, support one another, and grow together.

Ready to take part?

If you are ready to tackle the challenges facing your business and benefit from the experience of your peers, you are cordially invited to become part of our BDF.

Succeeding together in the automotive sector!

Register your interest now for a non-binding offer or further information from our team:

if you have any questions BDF moderator Lukas Schere and research associate Pllumbardh Kryeziu will be happy to help.

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