Digital Society

Networking people, devices, and data in various areas of our society has given rise to new opportunities for improving quality of life – for example, smart cities and smart regions.

The «digital society» is concerned with the effects of digital technologies within society and the resulting changes. These include social, cultural, economic, and political changes, which are driven forward by digitalization.

The effects of the digital society are palpable in various areas. For example, they manifest in education as e-learning, in administration as e-government services for citizens, or in the political sphere through the medium of online elections.

Digitalization changes the way in which people live, work, and interact with one another. Thanks to our established expertise on the topic of digital society, we see our role as bridge-builders between theory and practice. Our teaching staff are experts in their field and are happy to share their knowledge on trends, new economic insights, and experiences from applied research.

Our projects cover:

Digitale Prozesse

Optimizing digital processes in government and administration

Mobility concepts

Support for innovative, digital mobility concepts


Promoting energy-efficient solutions through digitalization

Virtual reality

Assistance with the application of new digital technologies in social contexts (e.g. social robots, digital assistants, or the Internet of Things (IoT))

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