International Opportunities

OST cooperates with many international partner universities, and you can complete part of the curriculum at another university abroad.


You can develop your international management skills and gain experience abroad in the following ways:


International Corporate and Business Development

As part of your program, a study trip takes place to promote intercultural management skills. This involves attending events at a partner university and working on a specific study project in the host country.

Individually Organized Semester Abroad

In the fourth semester, students have the option of organizing a semester abroad individually, drawing on the international university network of OST. Based on a learning agreement, the credit points gained abroad can count towards the degree at OST.

Double Degree – Optional Additional University Degree

Thanks to a cooperation between OST and the University of Sunshine Coast (USC) in Australia, students can obtain a second academic degree in addition to their OST Master's degree. This option involves a short study period in Australia.

Summer School

You can also attend a summer course at a foreign partner university after the 2nd semester and use the credits to replace one of the modules in the 4th semester. This option must be agreed with the program director.

Growing Number of Attractive Study Options Abroad

OST's international partner university network is constantly expanding and offers students a growing number of attractive opportunities to gain study experience abroad.