Occupational fields

As graduates of the Management and Law program, you will be among the most sought-after professionals. Due to your broad business law education, you are able to fill positions where daily work content is not only characterized by management tasks, but also strongly by challenging legal issues.

«It's increasingly important for job market readiness that graduates can successfully apply their legal and business expertise with an eye toward everyday work.»

Felix Sager, Dr. iur., Steuerexperte
Leiter Kantonales Steueramt, St. Gallen

[Translate to English:] Felix Sager, Dr. iur., Steuerexperte, Leiter Kantonales Steueramt, St. Gallen

Occupational fields in companies

Graduates of the Management and Law program have the best qualifications in the following professional fields in the private sector:


  • Paralegal in law firms and legal departments of companies
  • Compliance officers (as both legal knowledge and an understanding of a wide range of business processes are required there)
  • HR departments (especially due to your knowledge of labour and social security law as well as data protection law)
  • General offices of companies and associations
  • Claims or legal protection departments of insurance companies
  • Work at the interface between corporate management and the requirements of corporate and tax law
  • Specific legal project management: efficient case management on the part of the company
  • Liaising between corporate management and external lawyers
  • Monitoring and control of construction projects from a legal point of view
  • Data protection or data management departments
  • Work that is strongly influenced by the exchange with authorities (e.g. the building, tax or KESB authorities)
  • Advice/consulting (e.g. in management consulting, tax consulting, fiduciary services or auditing)

Graduates of the Management and Law program also have excellent qualifications for the following professional fields:


  • Debt collection or bankruptcy offices
  • Notary offices
  • Land registry offices
  • Public prosecutor's office (e.g. as a clerk with prosecutorial powers)
  • Building authorities
  • School and education authorities at all levels of education
  • KESB (child and adult protection authorities)
  • Municipal administrations (e.g. as municipal clerk)