Tuition and registration

Registration deadline

The regular registration deadline is April 30 each year.

You can still register at other times, and if there is still a study place available, you will be considered.

Tuition fees

The following costs are incurred for the Bachelor's program:

  • Registration fee (one-time) CHF 250
  • Semester fee (per semester): CHF 1'000.- [1]
  • Semester fee long-term students (per semester): CHF 1'500.- [2]
  • Semester fee for all students without Swiss residence (per semester): CHF 1'500.- [3]
  • Semester fee for students on leave (per semester): CHF 200.
  • Campuscard (deposit) CHF 100.-
  • Locker key (deposit) CHF 50.-
  • Copies/printouts (self-financing)
  • Teaching materials (self-financing)

A detailed overview can be found in the schedule of fees.

Not included in the tuition fees are examination costs for the international language examinations as well as travel, board and lodging costs within the framework of excursions, block seminars etc.