About us

Social spaces

Spaces are always social by nature. They are the result of the social interactions of a wide range of participants. Social developments such as greater mobility, urban sprawl, demographic change, and the changing thematisation of public space pose new challenges and demand proactive forms of organisation.

In order to develop sustainable solutions, individual perspectives and selective actions are rarely enough. Only by taking a wider view of spatial, social and logical control dimensions is it possible to fully grasp socio-spatial challenges.

We guarantee this multidimensional perspective with the disciplinary composition and approach of the St.Gallen model for designing social spaces. Our experts in educational and social sciences, social work, social geography, architecture, urban planning, media and business have many years of experience across a wide range of service and research projects.

Professional development

We are dedicated to assisting the further development of social work as a profession. The focus is on regional development trends relating to social problems, as well as on existing supply structures in the context of changing social policy. However, the four main topics also address other professions, such as ones in the areas of planning and education.