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Expired Projects

Service project

Growing Old in Mosnang

Assessment of the situation for a well-founded ageing policy - care situation and mood

Research project

WisdomOfAge - EU-Project (AAL)

A Seniors Digital Platform for Knowledge Transfer towards Industrial Companies

Research project

HEROES - EU-Project (AAL)

Video platform for the search for care or nursing professionals for a self-determined life at home

The EU project HEROES, with international partners, aims to speed up and make more cost-effective the search for care and nursing professionals through an online platform.

Research project


The Easierphone app is designed to make it easier for older people to use their smartphones through simplified functions and navigation. The app can be used both individually by an older person and in tandem with the support of a carer (via remote access to the app).

Research project

Covid-19 Ageism: Age Discrimination in Times of the Covid-19 Pandemic.On the subjective experiences of people aged 65 and over in German-speaking Switzerland

Against the background of the classification of persons aged 65 and over as a risk group in the course of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Institute for Research on Ageing investigated how persons in this age group experienced the initial months of the pandemic and what their subjective experiences of ageism were during this period.

Research project

Successful use of service robotics in elderly care and nursing through human-centred design

The successful use of service robots in elderly care and nursing requires the consideration of different dimensions (people, technology, business, law).


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