Sounding Board

The Sounding Board was established in January 2017 as a sounding board with an advisory function. It enables the IAF to have project ideas and concepts for ageing research reviewed and scrutinised by older people right from the start. In addition, the IAF receives input on specific questions during the project work and allows the committee to help develop project ideas.

The members of the Sounding Board are competent and qualified dialogue partners who contribute their experience from a rich and responsible professional life in various fields.

The following persons are involved:

Erica Benz-Steffen, Zurich

Erica Benz-Steffen was a publishing editor and head of literature promotion at the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia. She has in-depth experience in cultural management and has been involved in various organisations since her retirement. Benz-Steffen is chairwoman of Innovage Zurich and a member of the Zurich Seniors' Council.

Peter Brodmann, Buckten

Peter Brodmann is a computer scientist and has built up several IT companies in Europe. He specialises in industry, 2nd pillar occupational pensions and pension funds. He is the former president of the Swiss software industry and currently runs abaSuisse AG, which manages cloud maths software (
Brodmann has five children and seven grandchildren.

René Künzli, Berlingen

René Künzli and his wife Silvia have three children and six grandchildren.
From 1970 he ran his home «NEUTAL» in Berlingen and built up the TERTIANUM Group. He was president of the Berlingen school board for 21 years, a member of the cantonal council for 11 years and a colonel in the military, KK FAK 4.

Denise Moser, Basel

Denise Moser has spent her professional life at SRG's Basel studio. As a department controller with experience in production technology and IT, she is an all-rounder.
«Age well with voluntary commitment!» is her credo. She has therefore been involved in leading roles in the NPO sector for 20 years. Moser is currently a board member of the Northwestern Switzerland Seniors' Association (SVNW), the Swiss Association for Seniors' Issues (SVS/ASA) and President of the Retired Association Radio and Television SRF, VP-SRF.

Ilse Oehler, St.Gallen

Ilse Oehler, long-time staff member at the HSG/UniSG (HSG alumna) and ETHZ. Today she makes her expertise and her network available to organisations and public figures. She has published in business and education magazines and is the editor of a book. Her profitable and broad knowledge is available to supervisory and advisory boards.

Heinrich Vogel, Weinfelden

Heinrich Vogel is the former Head of «Institutional Clients» at Thurgauer Kantonalbank and provides further training in the areas of Swiss social insurance, specialising in occupational pensions/pension funds. He works as a lecturer and examination expert at a large technical college and at Top 60 Thurgau.
Vogel has two sons.

Georg Weidmann, Ermatingen

Georg Weidmann worked for 25 years in executive/career development (nationally and internationally) and was a lecturer on the SinoSwiss Programme HSG/EDA in the area of personnel management. He founded the myCareer GmbH and is, as the head of the business division, a board member of Top 60-Thurgau.
Weidmann has a daughter and two grandchildren.