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Spending a semester abroad is a unique experience. You will delve into the culture of your host country, gain a network of international friendships, and acquire skills that are in demand in the job market. Flexibility, intercultural experience, independence, good language skills, initiative: You’ll take a huge step forward, both professionally and personally! 

«I encourage everyone to do a semester abroad. You will have the opportunity to meet amazing people, discover beautiful places and study at top business schools. Living and studying abroad allows you not only to enhance your academic skills, but also to grow as a person and to widen your horizon.»

Anna Schneider, Exchange Student Fall 2021/22, at NOVA School of Business and Economics, Portugal

The School of Management at OST has over 60 selected partner universities around the world, and students in all degree programs have the option of spending a semester abroad.

If you choose to study BSc International Management, an exchange semester is integrated into your regular curricula. In other degree programs, you may have to take mandatory modules before you go abroad or catch up when you come back. The following semesters are best suited for a stay abroad:

BSc International Management, full-time: 4th or 5th semester

BSc International Management, part-time: 6th semester

BSc General Management, full-time: 5th semester

BSc General Management, part-time: 7th semester

BSc Business Information Technology, full-time: 5th semester

BSc Business Information Technology, part-time: 7th semester

BSc Management and Law: 5th semester

BSc Management and Law, part-time:  probably 7th semester

MSc Business Administration: 4th semester

MSc Business Information Technology: 3rd or 5th semester (depending on selected study model)

A list with the available places for GM/WINF/MARE will be published on Moodle from week 40. Registration for the following year is possible until the end of week 42 via the registration form. The International Office regularly organizes information sessions!

Please note that not all partner universities may be suitable for your field of study. An overview can be found here

Detailed information about studying abroad is available on our internal system moodle.

You can also go abroad on your own, as a so-called freemover. With this variant, you choose the host university yourself. Attention: Tuition fees are due abroad as well as at OST!

Funding for EU Destinations
Switzerland supports students with the Swiss-European Mobility Program (SEMP), the Swiss counterpart to the European Erasmus+ program. For a semester abroad at an OST partner university, a lump sum of CHF 1,900 will be paid. Anyone who opts for a low-CO2 emission means of travel such as train, bus or carpooling can also benefit from a "Green Travel Top-Up" of CHF 100.

Funding for Destinations Overseas
In some cases, SEMP scholarships can also be paid out for semesters abroad outside Europe. The International Office allocates the available funding in accordance with pre-defined criteria.

Overseas exchange students also benefit from a Green Travel Top-Up of CHF 100 if they choose an environmentally friendly means of travel.

For further sources of funding please see www.auslandstipendien.ch

Average costs for a semester abroad
The costs for a semester abroad depend on a variety of factors, for example the destination, the type of accommodation or the student’s personal needs. The International Office is happy to provide OST students with reports by former outgoings.

For students in the MSc Business Administration track, OST has a double degree program with the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) in Australia. By doing just one extra semester in Australia, you can earn a second master’s degree! In the first semester of your studies at OST, the International Office will organize an information session on this great opportunity. 

If you do not want to spend a whole semester abroad, you can also attend a suitable summer school. In consultation with the head of your degree program, up to 4 ECTS can be obtained (approx. 1 ECTS per week). OST students can find more information on Moodle.

An international student consulting project is also a unique opportunity to gain intercultural experience. More information can be found on the pages of the Knowledge Transfer Unit.

Note that many universities require proof of English for semesters abroad and summer schools, usually at least at level B2, e.g. Cambridge FCE / TOEFL iBT 75 / IELTS 6

More detailed information can be found on the homepages of the respective universities.

«An exchange semester is something unique and gives you the chance to explore new countries and culture at a young age. It also helps you to widen your horizon and to realise how life is like thousand kilometres away from your home country. Personally, I think that this experience helps you to understand other cultures better, which is getting more and more important in our globalised world.»

Pascal Egli, Exchange Student Fall 2021/22, at Anàhuac Mayab University, Mexico

Faculty and Staff

Outgoing Faculty und Staff

OST offers its lecturers and other employees the opportunity to expand their network abroad. There are various possibilities for this, for example a teaching assignment or «job shadowing» at a partner university or even a training course at a company. The Swiss counterpart to Erasmus, the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP), supports such stays financially.

Are you interested? You can find more information on this topic on Moodle. You are also welcome to contact us directly: esther.gigerrobinson(at)ost.ch / io-management(at)ost.ch