Commissioned research

The IAF provides practical and up-to-date data on the topics of age and ageing. For private and public clients, we provide studies and knowledge from which socially acceptable guidelines for dealing with older adults can be derived. Our interdisciplinary team conducts qualitative and quantitative research and actively involves older adults in the research process. Examples of commissioned studies can be found under projects.

Testing technological assistance systems

Under the direction of IAF, technological innovations are tested and adapted to the needs and wishes of older adults in private households as well as in retirement and nursing homes throughout Switzerland. Our «Living Labs» offer a unique opportunity to test technological products at an early stage of development under real conditions.

Presentations, lectures and workshops

The IAF team has in-depth expertise in the areas of robotics, active & assisted living (AAL), technology, digitalisation, value change, life in old age and life transitions. We are happy to make this information available to private and public clients in customised presentations, workshops, training and further education.