Bachelor of Arts in Architecture at the ArchitekturWerkstatt

As an architect, you will be shaping locations, designing buildings and creating spaces intended to stand the test of time and be used by future generations. This encompasses everything from urban development to the intricacies of interior spaces, choice of materials and fine detailing. The bachelor's degree program in architecture will provide you with a thorough understanding of the comprehensive nature of the construction process.

Program at a glance


Bachelor of Arts in Architecture

Study forms/time models

Full-time studies, combined studies, part-time studies


CHF 1,000 per semester plus additional expenses
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Vocational baccalaureate (Berufsmatura), baccalaureate (Matura) with professional experience


Registration deadline is April 30

Program start

every September in week 38 (introduction in week 37)

Study location

St.Gallen campus

The ArchitekturWerkstatt embraces architecture as a craft, characterized by a collective commitment to the workshop philosophy. Here, you will acquire essential knowledge and skills through hands-on practice. Central to your studies will be our analog and digital workshops, where you will learn and work in the studios of the main post office in St.Gallen. ArchitekturWerkstatt fosters an environment where learning from and with each other is key.