Bachelor's program in architecuture at the ArchitekturWerkstatt

As an architect, you design buildings and are therefore responsible for creating spaces, places and living environments that are intended to stand the test of time and be used by future generations. This applies to all standards, from urban planning to interiors,fo the choice of materials and detailed design. The Bachelor's program in architecture gives you a comprehensive and holistic understanding of construction and design.

The ArchitekturWerkstatt understands architecture as a craft and defines itself through the workshop philosophy. These design workshops, with project and learning processes that unite all years, as well as close links to practice within the context of a dual study model, lie at the heart of the program. You learn and work in the studios of the main post office in St.Gallen. 

At a glance


Bachelor in architecuture

Study forms

Full-time study, combinded study, part-time study


1.000 CHF per semester plus additional expenses


Vocational baccalaureate (Berufsmatura) or A Levels (Matura) with work experience


30 April

Start of semester

September in calendar week 38 (introduction days calendar week 37)

Teaching language


Study location

St.Gallen campus