Admission, fees and deadlines

A prerequisite for admission to the study program in architecture is a vocational baccalaureate in conjunction with a basic vocational training in a profession related to the field of study. Depending on the previous education, the attendance of supporting preliminary courses is recommended.

The regular registration deadline expires on 30 April. No study places can be guaranteed for later registrations. If places become available after the registration deadline, subsequent applications may be taken into account. 

One of the following formal qualifications is required for admission onto the Bacholor's program in architecture:

  • Vocational baccalaureate (‘Berufsmaturität’)
  • Academic baccalaureate (‘Gymnasiale Maturität’)
  • Specialised baccalaureate (‘Fachmaturität’)
  • Diploma from a higher college if it correspons to the level of a recognised vocational baccalaureate
  • International qualification if it corresponds to at least to the level of a recognised vocational baccalaureate

Other qualifications 
Graduates of other training courses may be admitted if they have equivalent academic and professional skills. The department management decides on a case-by-case basis. It may make admission conditional upon further academic achievements and/or professional experience.


Registration fee: CHF 250
Semester fee: CHF 1.000
Examination fees per semester: CHF 40
Campuscard (deposit): CHF 100
Copies/Prints: Eigenfinanzierung 
Lehrmittel: self-financing
Seminar weeks: self-financing

Additional costs may apply for teaching materials as well as for travel, catering and maintenance costs as part of excursions and block and seminar weeks. 

The universities of applied sciences are recognised by the federal government and the cantons, so that a claim to scholarships can be made. Consult the website of the Scholarship Office of your canton of residence for the scholarhip scheme.

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