The following fees apply for the Bachelor’s degree of arts in architecture:

  • Registration fee (one-time) CHF 200.-
  • Semester fee (per semester): CHF 1'000.- 
  • Semester fee long-term students (per semester): CHF 1'500.- 
  • Semester fee for all students without Swiss residence (per semester): CHF 1'500.-
  • Semester fee for students on leave of absence (per semester): CHF 200.00
  • Locker key (one-time) CHF 50.-
  • Copies/printing (self-financing)
  • Teaching materials (self-financing)

Additional costs may apply for teaching materials as well as for travel, catering and maintenance costs as part of excursions and block and seminar weeks. 

The universities of applied sciences are recognised by the federal government and the cantons, so that a claim to scholarships can be made. Consult the website of the Scholarship Office of your canton of residence for the scholarhip scheme.

For more information go to www.stipendium.ch or www.stipendien.sg.ch (in German).