School of Health Sciences

The goal of teaching and research within the School of Health Sciences is to create a tangible benefit for patients and professionals.

People in their lived-in environment are central to the work of future nurses and phsyiotherapists. This is why the work of the School of Health Sciences is consistently at the forefront of addressing social issues and developments: dementia, mental health, chronic care, oncological care research and palliative care, or digitalization – the School's lighthouse projects and centers of competence are geared toward the needs of people – regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Health professionals work hand in hand for the benefit of patients. For this reason, inter-professional teamwork is vital for the future. The networking of various health professions here is unique across Switzerland. This is in keeping with the School's mission: we are innovative, powerful, and conscientious – always with a constant focus on human health.

Scientifically sound with high practical relevance

The School of Health Sciences generates groundbreaking innovations and impetus for a future-oriented healthcare system and increasing health literacy. In this way, the school is making a substantial contribution to shaping the diverse challenges present in the healthcare sector. The school provides solid, science-based education to student nurses with a highly practical focus at both Bachelor and Master level.

It addresses current trends and topics, participates in public and scientific discourse, and initiates nursing and health research that contributes to the exploration of care and living situations, as well as to the development and evaluation of interventions. 


School of Health Sciences
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