Consulting Services

We offer the following consulting services: 

Are you planning a wind energy project? Do you want to know quickly and cheaply how high the wind energy potential of the site is and how large the associated costs could be? We support you with our broad expertise!

Are you planning a wind energy project? Do you need an independent assessment or opinion on existing wind assessments, measurements or analyses? We can help!

Want to get your most pressing problems solved by a diverse range of international experts? We can help get your hardest problems solved by bringing together experts from all over the world to solve “challenges” using data provided by the industry, state-of-the-art science, open-source software and data standards. We do this in collaboration with the Swiss Wind Energy R&D Network by: 

  • Designing and creating a space in the WeDoWind Ecosystem. 
  • Identifying, attracting and coordinating participants. 
  • Moderating and documenting webinars. 
  • Curating the digital space. 
  • Disseminating the results. 

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Looking for a speaker or presenter for an event or workshop? Our division head, Sarah Barber, is an experienced speaker and presenter and would be happy to assist you. She has recently been a speaker at the following events: 

  • WomenEnergizeWomen at Hamburg Wind 2022: Panel Discussion. 
  • TORQUE2022 conference: Opening Panel Discussion 
  • TORQUE2022 conference: Moderation of Diversity Session 
  • WindEurope Annual Event 2022: Panel Discussion on «Future Skills 

She is also a trained coach and conducts leadership workshops in her spare time.