Robotics and Automation

For our customers we develop robot systems that are optimally adapted to the requirements of the application. These can be fixed, mobile and also flying robots.

Our competences

Our focus is on process and technology development for innovative robotics and automation. For this purpose, we create implementation concepts and prototypes for use in the following areas.

Human-robot cooperation/human interaction:

  • Selection and process planning of suitable applications
  • Cognitive analysis and human-centered concepts in terms of industry 5.0
  • Human-technology interaction and user-oriented operation and interaction concepts
  • Safe human-robot cooperation

Industrial robotics:

  • Process analysis and development
  • Control and regulation
  • Measurement strategy development and object recognition (sensor guided robotics)
  • Sensitive robotics
  • Process tool development

Mobile robotics:

  • Development of collaborative, mobile, omnidirectional and flying robots with open source robotics control.
  • Autonomous agricultural robotics
  • Multiuse platform for numerous applications for construction site, municipal tasks and agriculture
  • Mobile robots to assist humans in areas such as healthcare (hospital/nursing facilities), industrial applications, public spaces (airports, trade shows, etc.)


  • Development of automation concepts for industrial applications
  • Concept development and implementation planning for production digitalization (Industry 4.0/5.0)
  • Development of sustainable production processes
  • Control programming (PLC, Labview etc.)
  • Actuator and sensor integration

Control engineering:

  • Identification, modeling and control of technical systems
  • Development of suitable control structures and controllers
  • State control, multi-variable control, predictive control