Projects with the EMS Institute

Our employees have the qualifications and knowledge to bring projects to a successful conclusion. New challenges are tackled with distinctive methodological expertise, and experience helps to find solutions.

We have already supported many companies in projects. The following is a list of some reference projects in which we have helped our partners find a solution.

General project

Measurement Robot - Xtralis AG

The company Xtralis AG produces effective, advanced motion sensors, with long range and narrow detection range for the market of the intruder detectors. The PIR (passive infrared) of ADPRO PRO-series detects human targets at a distance of up to 150 meters. The devices are equipped with telescoping precision glass mirror…

General project

EEDURO - Low Cost EEROS Robot Family

EEDURO, the EEROS Education Robot Platform, is a low-cost robot's family for education and research, as well as for commercial use. Mechanics and electronics design has been realized at the NTB and are open source. The robot can be programmed with the EEROS Framework. Informations, Documentations and Manuals for EEDURO…

General project

Educational 6-Axis Robot

The present work forms the basis for a novel training robot for universities. The proposed basic mechanical platform is available as open source for anyone who could be interested in it. The developed kinematic description, and the data that can be used for a dynamic description, allow students the conception and design of…

General project

Omnidirectional Robot with Active Caster Wheels

An omnidirectional mobile robot with active caster wheels was developed to study the dynamics and the characteristics of such wheels. Mechanics and electronics have been developed at the NTB. The robot has been programmed with the open source robot framework EEROS and is able to move freely in the plane and to balance a…

General project

Autonomous And Interactive Office Chair

Fall 2018,  Gagosian Gallery presented PLAY, conceived by Urs Fischer with choreography by Madeline Hollander. As described by Gagosian’s website, “PLAY is an arena of chance encounters where visitors are invited to interact with nine office chairs that seem to have lives of their own. […] The more the viewer seeks to…

General project

Parallel SCARA

This SCARA robot was created on behalf of the company ASS AG, which wanted a demonstration object for fairs, containing the company's crown gears. To show both the accuracy of these transmission as well as its carrying capacity, the robot can balance an inverted pendulum and also accelerate with 120 m / s2. …