Strengths and Areas of Experience

The IFS experts with international recognition master and impart not only modern software theory and technology, but also their practical application.

Good usability and effective architecture of software are our concern.

This applies both for software implementation from scratch and enhancements for existing software. Experts on User Interface Design and modern object oriented design assist you to accomplish your goals. Patterns help to better grasp, to communicate and to implement the necessary concepts: That is what makes modern software design possible.

Classical procedure models from the last century are often unsuitable orr software projects of SMB's, because of their indolence and lavishness. Thus IFS pushes modern agile development methods and according techniques like Agile Modeling, Test-First, Refactoring and development automation, which were developed by practitioner to be used in practice. Additional to practice belongs also the realization of a system in a object-oriented programming language like Java, C# and also moder C++, which present efficient abilities are used much to seldom, sadly.

The handling of data is yet another of our profession: We concern ourselves with databases for structured data and also with search engines providing access on unstructured data, as well as with the combination of both approaches. Data modeling, database design, enterprise- and GIS applications are our concrete area of operations.