[Translate to English:] Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) an der OST

Master of Science in Engineering (MSE)

The Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) enables students to specialise in specific areas of technical sciences, information technology, and construction and planning. OST offers this consecutive master’s program, which is unique in Switzerland, in collaboration with all Swiss universities of applied sciences. Choose from 11 profiles.

Why you should choose our masters' program

The master’s program is targeted towards subject-specific, project-oriented specialisation. Within the framework of your chosen profile, you will complete projects, take supplementary lessons and write a master’s thesis at OST.  These profiles are linked to the application-oriented research and development that is carried out at OST. You thereby acquire the very latest scientific knowledge, gain an application-oriented understanding of individual subjects and the broader field of science, and can major in a specific area.