Age Innovation Prize 2023

The winners have been chosen!

In spring 2023, we called for submission of products and ideas that have the potential to make a real difference to the lives of older people and promote their independence, autonomous living, quality of life or health.

The broad-based jury (AGE-INT, Switzerland Innovation Park Ost, Ernst & Young, IBM, SBB, City of Zurich, University of Geneva, SUPSI, Centre for Gerontology at the University of Zurich) has selected three winners from a large number of award-worthy submissions.

The winners in three categories were announced as part of the «Focus on Health: Strategies for a Long and Healthy Life» lecture series at Switzerland Innovation Park Ost in St. Gallen on 8 November 2023 :

Best Product 2023:
Mobilization device «Pegasus Spine» by MovementSciences Inc.

Best Start-up 2023:
BIOS Medical AG with the mobility sensor «HIPbeacon»

Best project idea 2023:
MIMO Radar by ESA Institut für Elektronik, Sensorik und Aktorik (Departemet Technical Sciences at the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences)

Age Innovation Prize 2023 - Prize
Award Ceremony Age Innovation Prize 2023
Winner Best Product - Age Innovation Prize 2023
Winner Best Start-up - Age Innovation Prize 2023
Winner Best Project Idea - Age Innovation Prize 2023

«The Age Innovation Prize is a huge honour for me and my team. It is recognition for all the hard work we have done over the last few years. It came as a big surprise. My team and I are delighted.» 

Pascual Brunner, Movement Sciences - Best Product: Pegasus Spine

The winners have received the following prizes:

  • Consultancy package of 20 hours each worth CHF 3000 to support the acquisition of customers or development partners (sponsor: Switzerland Innovation Park Ost)
  • Co-creation workshop with age target group worth CHF 7500 (sponsor: IAF)
  • Prize money of CHF 5000 for the winner of the «Best project idea» category to support the realisation of the project idea (sponsor: EY)

All three winners have the opportunity to network and present themselves at AGE-INT.

The IAF would like to congratulate all participants and winners and thank the sponsors (Switzerland Innovation Park Ost, EY and AGE-INT) and the jury!

In 2024, we are again honouring products and projects that have the potential to change the lives of older people.
Visit Age Innovation Prize 2024 for information on the organisation the 2024 edition.