Program content and structure

The architecture degree program can be completed full-time in six semesters, as a combined program, or part-time in eight semesters. After successfully completing the foundation studies, the main study phase culminates in earning the degree «Bachelor of Arts FHO in Architecture.»

Full-time study
The full-time bachelor's degree program takes six semesters to complete. Lectures typically take place five days a week. As this is a full-time program, students are not expected to work during their studies.

Part-time studies
The part-time study program allows students to combine work and studies. Typically, you will have lectures three days a week over a period of eight semesters. The part-time study program requires students to spend at least 40% of their time working in a study-related job over the calendar year.

Combined studies
The combined study model allows students to make a smooth transition from university to the professional world. During the first two semesters, students study full-time; they then switch for the remaining six semesters to the part-time study model.

The full-time foundation studies take two semesters to complete. Students must earn a total of 60 ECTS credits in compulsory and elective modules. The focus of the foundation studies is to convey the technical, methodological and instrumental fundamentals of architecture. The acquired knowledge is then applied and deepened in design projects. The studies are varied and practice-based from the outset.

During the main study period, students consolidate and expand the basic knowledge and skills acquired as part of the analysis and design work. Increased emphasis is placed on independent and socially responsible learning, thinking and acting. Similar to the foundation studies, the acquired knowledge is immediately put in practice. The main studies culminate in the bachelor's thesis. In the main study, you must achieve at least 120 ECTS credits in addition to the foundation study (divided into compulsory, elective and compulsory elective modules).