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Range of services

 Financial management is demanding. In an increasingly volatile market environment and uncertain times, decisions must still be made. We support you using the St.Gallen Financial Management Model. We analyze your annual financial statements and determine the annual success according to a «true-and-fair-view» approach. We also analyze your cost structure and prepare financial and budget plans as well as a cash flow statement. In a final step, we examine non-financial values, evaluate your company and key figures and compare the results to similar companies in the industry. Using the St.Gallen Financial Model as a basis, our goal is to support you in securing your independence and identifying your potential. 



A survey from our Department has shown that only half of all SMEs in Switzerland implement their strategy (KMU-Barometer Controller Services 2006). To assess performance management, the St. Gallen Management Scorecard TM was developed. Using this reference model, a business strategy can be concretized, implemented and made measurable, which in turn enables optimal corporate management.

Within the scope of current and completed research projects, we develop reference models, instruments, and methods for various corporate constellations.

The result: our two-day consultation workshop.


The Swiss Code of Obligations (Art. 728a CO) has been revised. As of January 1, 2008, all companies subject to an ordinary audit are obliged to introduce a functioning internal control system. The audit of the ICS is a separate audit matter within the scope of the ordinary audit of the annual financial statements. In the future, the auditors must check which control mechanisms are in place within the company. They submit a comprehensive report to the Board of Directors (Communal Council), which also includes findings on the ICS.

We support our clients in preparing and introducing a new control system that is lean and highly transparent, thanks to its IT-supported development.

The situations in which a company valuation would be useful are numerous: company sales, mergers or acquisitions, spin-offs, asset deals, succession planning, strategic reorientation, shareholding programs, use of value-based management, expert opinions, share valuations, etc. We support our clients in the valuation of companies (or parts of companies), in the valuation of shares without a market value, as well as in expert opinions on existing valuations or individual questions arising from them.

Most company bankruptcies are due less to a lack of profitability than to a lack of liquidity. For this reason, managing the financial supply chain has becoming markedly more important in recent years. Through our Corporate Finance service, we support our clients with questions regarding optimal financing, investment calculations, aspects of cash management and risk-return estimations for financial investments.


Project management and support services for corporate transactions (e. g. company acquisition, sale); transaction services (advisory services and in-house training)


Structured evaluation of investment plans (consultation and in-house training)


Creating compelling and professional business plans, coaching, and controlling (consultation and inhouse training).