Characterization and Failure Analysis

Coatings (Thin Films), Semiconductors, Metals, Ceramics and Microstructures

Polymers, Composites and Adhesives

We are your point of contact for investigations on metallic and ceramic materials, components and on thin single and multilayer crystalline and amorphous systems. We offer you help with quality assurance or damage analysis.

We help you to understand the chemical, physical and process-related properties of polymer materials and components and carry out damage investigations and expert reports for you.

Our Expertise

  • Optical and microscopic preparation and analysis (Light microscopy, SEM-EDX, grinding, IR microscopy)
  • Chemical and Physical Analysis (thermal analysis, spectrometry, rheology, mechanical parameters)
  • Damage Inspection and Troubleshooting in cooperation with colleagues from materials and surface technology and analytics
  • Investigation of long-term and aging behavior
  • Identity Checks, Reverse Engineering
  • Quality Checks and Expert Advice

Fachverantwortliche Schadensanalyse und Werkstoffprüfung

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Institut IMP

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