Studying Nursing and Physical Therapy

"Views of nursing"

The School of Health Professions turns 15


The School of Health Professions was founded in 2006 when the canton of St.Gallen wisely decided to offer degree programs in the field of nursing. For the past 15 years, we have been passionately training students to develop a viewpoint enabling them to care for people in need of help and to develop an awareness and understanding of the need for help..

We train individuals to convey confidence, to practice nursing with due care and foresight, to appreciate their responsible and systemically important professional role and the need to discuss their professional views.

We would like to address the changing view of, and from, nursing. In our anniversary year, we would like to explore the development of the School of Health Professions and future-oriented topics in nursing, topics that call for caution, consideration and concession.

We are interested in social, professional and nursing perspectives and invite an exchange of views.

Let us take a closer look at what we and others take for granted; for this is what turns out to be anything but self-evident. We invite your discussion!