Advisory Board

As committed Eastern Swiss business leaders and influencers, and partners of the WTT YOUNG LEADER AWARD, the members of the advisory committee are the lifeblood of knowledge transfer between universities and businesses.

Functions of the WTT YLA Advisory Board

  1. To provide strategic and operational advice on the further development of the WTT YLA.
  2. To share experiences within the context of “Voice of Business World” for the purpose of
    a) enhancing the knowledge of each member of the advisory board
    b) further developing the FHS’s practical orientation and its real-life student consulting projects

The WTT YOUNG LEADER AWARD advisory board consists of the following 28 industry leaders from Eastern Switzerland who are also sponsoring partners of the WTT YLA:

Stadt St.Gallen / St.Galler Stadtwerke - Networking Sponsor

Portrait Peter Jans

Peter Jans
Stadtrat, Direktion Technische Betriebe

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Portrait Marco Letta

Marco Letta

Bühler AG - Sponsor of 1st prize Market research

Portrait Christof Oswald

Christof Oswald
Head of Human Resources

Leica Geosystems AG - Sponsor of 1st prize Management design

Portrait Thomas Harring

Thomas Harring

Portrait Karin Stäbler

Karin Stäbler
Head of HR Hexagon Geosystems Switzerland

Bauwerk Parkett AG - Sponsor of 2nd/3rd prize Market research

Portrait Klaus Brammertz

Klaus Brammertz
CEO Bauwerk Group

Portrait Ingrid Burger

Ingrid Burger
Marketing Manager Bauwerk Schweiz

Migros Ostschweiz - Sponsor of 2nd/3rd prize Management design

Portrait Heidi Bösch, Beirätin WTT YOUNG LEADER AWARD

Heidi Bösch
Leiterin Direktion Personelles & Klubschule

Portrait Michael Brecht

Michael Brecht
Leiter Personalgewinnung & Nachwuchsförderung

PwC St.Gallen - Celebration Sponsor

Portrait Martin Knöpfel

Martin Knoepfel

Solenthaler Recycling AG - Sustainability partner

Portrait Christoph Solenthaler, Advisor WTT YOUNG LEADER AWARD

Christoph Solenthaler

Technische Betriebe Wil - Digital Partner

Portrait Marco Huwiler

Marco Huwiler

GALLUS MEDIA AG - Live Broadcast Partner

Portrait Johannes Widmer, Beirat WTT YOUNG LEADER AWARD

Johannes Widmer

Kanton Thurgau, Amt für Wirtschaft und Arbeit - First TV Sponsor

Portrait Daniel Wessner

Daniel Wessner
Amtsleiter, Amt für Wirtschaft und Arbeit

Portrait Marcel Räpple, Advisor WTT YOUNG LEADER AWARD

Marcel Räpple
Leiter Kantonale Wirtschaftsförderung

scandola - light audio, media GmbH - Technikpartner

Portrait Marco Scandola

Marco Scandola
Inhaber, Geschäftsführer

Abraxas Informatik AG - Invitation Sponsor

Christian Manser, Advisor WTT YOUNG LEADER AWARD

Christian Manser
Leiter Infrastructure & Outsourcing, Geschäftsleitung

Schmid-Fehr AG - Invitation Sponsor

Portrait Matthias Schmid

Matthias Schmid

Martel AG St.Gallen - Wine partner

Portrait Jan Martel

Jan Martel

Hotel Hof Weissbad - Community Sponsor

Portrait Christian Lienhard

Christian Lienhard-Züger
Direktor, Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung

Huber+Suhner AG, Herisau - Community Sponsor

Portrait Corinne Wehrli

Corinne Wehrli

MetroComm AG / LEADER - Media partner

Portrait Natal Schnetzer, Advisor WTT YOUNG LEADER AWARD

Natal Schnetzer

CH Media / TAGBLATT - Media partner

Fabienne Müller

Fabienne Müller
Marketing Manager

Vitronic AG - Staging Partner

Portrait Paddy Rubin

Paddy Rubin
Creative Director / Geschäftsleitung

Amt für Wirtschaft und Arbeit Kanton AR - Supporting Partner

Portrait Daniel Lehmann

Daniel Lehmann

Amt für Wirtschaft und Arbeit Kanton SG - Supporting Partner

Portrait Karin Jung

Karin Jung

Switzerland Global Enterprise - Internationalisation partner

Portrait Daniel Bont

Daniel Bont
Senior Consultant China / HK / Taiwan

Portrait Marion Pester, Jurorin WTT YOUNG LEADER AWARD

Prof. Dr. Marion Pester
Leiterin Departement Wirtschaft / Standortleitung St.Gallen