The core competence at the IET is power-to-methane technologies, in which renewable electricity, water and carbon dioxide are converted into synthetic methane that can be stored in the existing natural gas grid. This renewable methane can be used in conventional technologies for heat generation and mobility.

Power-to-gas technologies are under development and have not yet reached full market maturity. The implemented projects in Switzerland and Europe were realized as development projects in cooperation between industry and research. The IET staff has in-depth knowledge of the technology and economics of power-to-gas technologies. They conduct feasibility studies and accompany projects from planning to implementation. Experts and interested groups can obtain information in seminars and guided tours.

Together with companies from industry and energy supply as well as operators of infrastructure plants, we implement projects in the specialist area of power-to-gas. Our core competencies are:

Basic studies for the realization of power-to-gas plants.
You want to find out whether the use of power-to-gas technologies is worthwhile for your company. In a feasibility study, we make all relevant technical and economic clarifications for determining the profitability of a power-to-gas plant at the location defined by you. The following points are examined in this study:

  • Investment costs
  • Operating time per year
  • Costs for operation and maintenance
  • Value of the gas including mineral oil tax
  • Cost of electricity including grid usage fee

Support for power-to-gas projects in the implementation phase:
You are in the implementation phase of a power-to-gas project. We carry out the following work for you in a consulting capacity as scientific support for your project:

  • Support from project planning to implementation and evaluation
  • Identification of optimization potentials
  •  Consultation of the implementing companies
  • Evaluation of measurement campaigns
  • Evaluation of projects
  • Review of feasibility studies

Theoretical basics and practical experience. The IET Institute of Energy Technology organizes events / guided tours for experts, interested groups and the public. Contact us for individual guided tours and workshops on power-to-gas including plant visits. Contact: visit-ptx(at)


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