Work-life balance

The conditions at Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences are designed to help provide a good work-life balance. Members of the University who have children should be able to work or study in a way that fits with their family's needs. As far as possible, individual solutions are sought for employees who are caring for family members who are elderly or have health difficulties.

Nursery places for members of the University

We provide you with information on childcare services outside the family and other topics, such as:

  • Nurseries and childcare centers
  • Placement agencies for daycare centers, private childcare
  • Individual childcare services (for example if a child has an illness)
  • Parenthood, family and career

The Globi Kinderkrippen (nurseries) in St. Gallen (on Böcklinstrasse 14 and Otmarquartier), in Winkeln, Gossau and Oberbüren are available to all University members.
The nurseries offer spaces for children from three months old to the start of school. They are also available to members of the University who do not live in the city of St. Gallen or in the municipality. The city of St. Gallen's fee policies or the municipality's fee policies apply.
We recommend getting more information from Ursula Graf from the Diversity and Equal Opportunity department ( Contact the nursery directly and let them know that you study or work at OST when you register. Information/registration:

If there is an emergency such as illness, an accident or a difficult life situation, childcare at home may help.

The following places provide childcare at home in an emergency:

The childcare fund offers students the opportunity to apply for support for childcare outside their family network.

They can obtain financial support:

  • so that they do not have to end their studies after childbirth;
  • to ensure they have childcare up to the end of their studies;
  • if they have a shortage of funds to finance childcare.

Students of OST – Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences can apply.

Ursula Graf from the Diversity and Equal Opportunity department ( can provide the documents required to apply in writing.

Employees looking after or caring for elderly family members or family members with health difficulties or disabilities face a range of difficulties and challenges. The University endeavors to find individual solutions for those affected.

You can find important information in the leaflet for employees with family members with care needs from Pro Senectute, the Swiss Red Cross and under Work & Care.

Cornelia Bruggmann from HR ( can provide you with further information.

A good work-life balance is important to Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences. This includes opportunities to play sport and relax, promotion of healthier behaviors, and advisory services.