Supporting young talent, careers and career planning

The Diversity and Equal Opportunities department and other organizational units of OST implement different projects focused on supporting young talent, careers and career planning, with a wide range of approaches.

The department offers expertise on gender-atypical career choices, promoting young woman talent in STEM careers and gender-sensitive programs for men in social work. Our expertise covers development projects on career management for women and men, career programs for students, and gender-sensitive programs for new graduates.

Digital Girls – Computer science is fun

As part of Digital Girls, the computer science degree program offers secondary school pupils an in-depth look at the world of computer science. In six practical workshops, they learn about the basics of programming, program a robot and build their own home network.

The department's aim with the trial day is to make the world of engineering accessible to girls in secondary school and to use games to get them excited about engineering careers. On the Girls' Engineering Day, they experiment in the lab, create experiments, program robots and put an electronic component together.