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Combining Heat Pumps with Combistores: Detailed Measurements Reveal Demand for Optimization

A heating system that combines a ground source heat pump and solar collectors with a combistore was measured in detail in the laboratory by means of “whole system testing”. The test rig thereby emulated a building with floor heating, hot water tappings, flat plate solar thermal collectors and a ground source heat exchanger. The tested heating system covered the heat demand for space heating and domestic hot water preparation in a reliable way with a good annual system performance factor of 4.5 that was determined after the physical test by means of test-calibrated simulation models. Nevertheless the measurements revealed that there is still room for improvements. It was found that the heat pump operates in space heating mode in an oscillating on/off behavior with short runtimes and respectively with a high number of starts and in addition with a supply temperature that is in average 8K above the temperature that is needed in the heat distribution. Furthermore a significant transport of energy, from the upper part of the store that is reserved for domestic hot water preparation to the lower part, reserved for space heating, was detected.

R. Haberl, M. Y. Haller, A. Reber, E. Frank, 2014
Zeitschrift / Sammelband:
Energy Procedia, Nr.48/2014
Ort / Verlag:
SHC 2013, International Conference on Solar Heating and Cooling for Buildings and Industry
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