Research project

COFER One Health

Mobile emergency and monitoring system for early detection of zoonoses

Zoonoses are diseases and infections that can be transmitted from animal to human and from human to animal may cause epidemics (for example, the Ebola virus epidemic 2014 in West Africa). In a multidisciplinary research project, experts from the fields of human and animal health, nutrition, mobile technology and data analysis work together to detect and prevent zoonoses at an early stage.

The goal of the project is to develop a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) about the basics of One Health, i.e. the linking of human and animal health. The project also aims to develop an effective monitoring system to prevent the spread of diseases. A mobile technology-based emergency and surveillance system will be set up in the partner countries Kenya, Ethiopia and Peru. Villagers, but also nomads with their animals, are expected to report possible critical incidents to a central location via mobile devices. In return, they will gain access to medical help or advice from a central health center.

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Duration: 01.01.2016 - 31.12.2021


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ETH Zürich; Institute of Food; Nutrition and Health Schweizerisches Tropen- und Public Health-Institut FHS St.Gallen; Institut für Informations- und Prozessmanagement Jigjiga University; Jigjiga; Ethiopia Cayetano University; Heredia; Peru School of Publi