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Development of a measuring system to predict a possible failure of plant components in sorting logistics (predictive maintenance).


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The ILT is a research partner in the "leanPredict" project: the aim of the project is to predict the possible failure of plant components in sorting logistics so that they can be replaced when the plant is scheduled to come to a standstill (predictive maintenance).

The ILT's task is to develop a measuring system with which information on the condition of the plant can be recorded and transmitted to the cloud.

For the evaluation of this information, the company leanBi is developing software that enables statements to be made about the remaining service life of the plant components measured during operation.

A prototype of the predictive maintenance system will be implemented and tested at the Urdorf parcel sorting centre of Swiss Post. The project is funded by the CTI as part of the 2016 special measures and will last 2 years.


PDF, Aktuelle Technik 1/2021: Die Post setzt auf Predictive Maintenance zur Überwachung der Sortieranlage


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