Research project

Sol-Ind Swiss – Solar process heat in the Swiss market

In Switzerland the industry share of the total energy demand is 19 %. Half of this energy is used for the conversion to process heat and is mainly provided by fossil fuels [SFOE, Swiss national statistics 2014]. In a feasibility study the use of solar process heat by systems with solar thermal collectors therefore shows great potential and will in more detail examine the integration in the energy supply systems. In this study we restrict to a temperature range below 130 °C. For this purpose, it is necessary to identify the Swiss companies, which have the majority of the thermal energy consumption at temperatures below 130 °C. Furthermore, within the framework of the project, standardized system solutions for the planning and integration of a solar thermal system will be developed on the basis of three case studies. The focus lays on the yield calculation of the plant taking the location into account, the costs for the collector field and integration as well as the CO₂ savings by replacing fossil fuels through solar energy.

Contact:  Stefan Brunold