What qualifications are required? Is prior knowledge or an internship necessary? Here you will find all the information about the admission requirements for the Bachelor's degree course in Computer Science at Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences.

Admission requirements

One of the following degrees is required for admission to the program:

  • Vocational baccalaureate
  • Specialized baccalaureate
  • Gymnasium baccalaureate

in each case in combination with a study-related apprenticeship or a study-related one-year work experience (e.g. internship).

From apprenticeship to studies

You can start studying computer science at Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences with various apprenticeships. In addition to the various computer science and IT apprenticeships, typical apprenticeships that do not require an internship include a qualification as a mediamatician, automation technician, electronics technician, telematics technician or multimedia electronics technician. For other apprenticeships, a shortened internship is sufficient; please contact the Student Administration for details. However, it is also possible to start a degree course in Computer Science with other apprenticeship qualifications (see As a career changer into a degree course below). Depending on your previous education, you can start your studies with individual preparation.

Starting your studies as a career changer

The Computer Science degree program is committed to making the rich field of computer science accessible to all interested parties. In our experience, it often takes one or two years to familiarize oneself with the unfamiliar mindset of computer science. Very often, career changers report that during this period «the switch suddenly flipped» and studying became much easier afterwards.

We therefore advise all career changers to take the following approach:

  1. Visit our Fit for Computer Science preliminary course in the summer.

  2. Complete the legally required one-year internship in a computer science-related company (or shorter, depending on individual admission requirements).

  3. Start your studies part-time on three days and concentrate on closing further gaps and gaining programming experience in particular on the other two days.

  4. If you do well in the first semester, you can switch to full-time study if required.

We advise against full-time study at the beginning because it has been shown that most career changers end up studying for 8 semesters anyway. It is therefore better not to build up a large backlog of failed exams at the beginning, but instead to focus on passing fewer modules. You would like to know whether you can start your studies straight away? The Student Administration Office  will be happy to advise you.

Change from another university

Are you a student at another university and would like to transfer to Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences? Do you want a strong practical focus and appreciate a personal and open atmosphere? You've come to the right place.

The work you have already completed can be credited towards both your studies and any internship. Contact Student Administration for individual information.

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We keep a list of attractive internships with companies and public institutions. We update the internship offers on a regular basis. It is therefore worth checking back occasionally to see if there are any new vacancies.

If you have any questions about recognition, please contact Claudia Furrer in the degree program office:

Swiss Armed Forces cyber security course

Recruits of the Swiss Armed Forces who have passed the Cyber Security course («Cyber-RS») can have the ECTS for the Cyber Security Foundations module credited. Please contact Student Administration with the relevant proof.