Dr. Clemens Mader

ISM Institut für Strategie und MarketingKompetenzzentrum Wissenstransfer & Innovation

+41 58 257 15 44clemens.mader@ost.ch

Clemens Mader is a lecturer for impact analysis, sustainability and technology assessment at the Competence Center for Knowledge Transfer (WTT) of the Department of Strategy and Marketing. His research focuses on impact monitoring of real world laboratories, methods of participatory technology and sustainability assessment. Previous professional positions were at Empa - Technology and Society Lab, at the Sustainability Team as well as Informatics and Sustainability Research Group of the University of Zurich, and as visiting professor at Leuphana University Lüneburg. Mr. Mader holds a PhD in human geography with a focus on sustainability science from the University of Graz and a degree in environmental systems science from the same university.

Area of Expertise

  • Impact analysis in context of sustainable development
  • participatory technology assessment
  • multi-stakeholder research and consulting process design


  • Certificate of Advanced Studies in Impact Management in NPO at University of Basel, Switzerland
  • PhD in Geography and MSc. In Environmental System Science at University of Graz, Austria

Professional Experience

  • Co-Director, RCE Zurich
  • Consulting for NPO

Teaching Experience

  • Scientific Work
  • Coach for Consulting Projects
  • Teaching at Universities of Applied Science in Albstadt-Sigmaringen (D) and Krems (AUT) in fields of technology assessment and sustainability.


Research & Consulting Project: Development of an Impact Logic for real world laboratories and impact analysis in participatory implementation, Project Partners: City of Zurich, Intep, ZHAW, RCE Zurich


  • Member, Swiss Academic Society for Environmental Research and Ecology (saguf)
  • Advisory Board, COPERNICUS Alliance - European Network on Higher Education for Sustainable Development
  • Member, Global Alliance for Inter- and Transdisciplinarity
  • Member, Network on Technology Assessment (NTA)

Editorials and Reviewing

  • Editorial Board Member, MDPI, Sustainability
  • Editorial Advisory Board, Emerald, Sustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal
  • Topic Editor, Frontiers, Sustainability

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles and Conference Proceedings

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Books and Research Monographs

  • MADER, C., CHRISTEN, M., CAS, M. (2020). Wenn Algorithmen für uns entscheiden: Chancen und Risiken der künstlichen Intelligenz. Zürich: vdf Hochschulverlag AG.

Chapters in Edited Books

  • MADER, C., RAMMEL, C., VELASQUEZ, L. (2019). Sustainability assessment in higher education institutions: what and how?. Routledge Handbook of Higher Education for Sustainable Development(pp. 355-370). Abingdon, UK: Routledge.

Professional Journals and Newspaper

  • MADER, C., CAS, J., SCHERER, A. (2020). Verantwortungsvoll mit Künstlicher Intelligenz umgehen. Die Volkswirtschaft , 8-9, pp. 53-55.