Melanie Rickenmann

IPM Institut für Informations- und Prozessmanagementwissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

+41 58 257 15

Melanie Rickenmann is a research associate at the institute for information and process management

Area of Expertise

  • data analysis
  • data science
  • natural language processing
  • python
  • recommender systems
  • low code programming


  • mathematics study with specialization mathematics in economics at TU Vienna

Professional Experience

  • quality and statistics in the automotive sector
  • quantitative data analysis and external funds research in asset management
  • risk analysis in the insurance sector
  • project employee in the startup sector


  • ArealPlus
  • Showcase Projekt AI@IPW

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles and Conference Proceedings

  • PEDRON, C., BALDAUF, M., ENDL, R., RICKENMANN, M. (2024). A Process-Oriented Decision Support System for Sustainable Urban Development Strategies. The 2024 IARIA Annual Congress on Frontiers in Science, Technology, Services, and Applications (pp. 8).
  • TÖDTLI, B., MÜLLER, S., RICKENMANN, M., VETSCH, J., HAUG, S. (2023). A Document Tagging Support System for Nursing Care Experts. LWDA 2023 (pp. 470-477). CEUR Workshop Proceedings.

Teaching related publications

  • PEDRON, C., RICKENMANN, M. (2023). Fallstudie zur technologischen Unterstützung im Prozessmanagement: Schatzsuche am b. Russell Gymnasium? Open Education Platform for Management Schools, 355.


  • MÜLLER, S., TÖDTLI, B., VETSCH, J., RICKENMANN, M., HAUG, S., BALDAUF, M., FRÖHLICH, P. (2022). Designing Experts' Interactions with a Semi-Automated Document Tagging System. AutomationXP22: Engaging with Automation, Workshop at CHI'22.