Research project

Integrated Risk Management for care facilities

Due to demographic trends, the importance of outpatient and inpatient care facilities will continue to grow in the future and requirements, including infection prevention in inpatient care facilities, will increase. While the demands on the quality of services are increasing, the financial viability of care costs is increasingly being discussed critically. In order to successfully position yourself as an inpatient care facility in this conflict of objectives, you need an interdisciplinary way of thinking, a good understanding of your target group and specialist business knowledge. In addition to a clear strategic orientation, this also includes holistic risk management, which takes into account both financial and non-financial aspects (including liability, safety, etc.).

As part of the interdisciplinary research project "Integrated Risk Management", financially supported by the Funk Foundation, a guide for practitioners in care homes was developed. This makes it easy to identify, assess and manage risks. In addition, a mobile web app was created that contains the most important content of the guide and is also available to care home managers on mobile devices. It also contains a large number of templates for support. The results were validated with numerous practitioners.

risk management guide (only in german)

link to the app (only in german)

Duration: 01.01.2022 - 31.10.2023


Funk Stiftung