To properly address climate change and accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to renewables, new energy generation technologies are needed. They need to be reliable, efficient, scalable and provide enough low-cost energy to meet current and future demands. Skypull can provide a solution and proposes an innovative approach based on a new revolutionary type of flying vehicle that aims to maximise lift with minimal drag and enable autonomous operation: a "box" drone with Proles multi-element aerodynamics that features high aerodynamic performance, deterministic behaviour, intrinsic structural strength, low weight and low production costs. In short, we are helping to create a cleaner and more sustainable world.

Project goal

The objective of this innovation project is to apply various CFD tools and optimisation algorithms to Skypull's multi-body airfoil element to improve its aerodynamic design. This includes investigating the potential of the Lattice-Boltzmman method to accelerate the optimisation process through efficient parallel processing.