Swiss Wind Atlas Platform

In this project we are developing a concept for a new Swiss wind atlas platform.

Suisse Eole has asked The Swiss Wind Energy R&D Network to develop a concept to improve the Swiss wind map for improved national and cantonal planning purposes. According to Suisse Eole, the current version of the Swiss Wind Map tends to underestimate the wind resources at some potential wind energy sites compared to the New European Wind Atlas and compared to various existing wind measurements. The current version of the Swiss wind map was produced with a combination of Swiss weather stations and wind simulations with the simulation tool WindSim, which has limited accuracy in some regions (±2-4 m/s). This has a huge impact on the prediction of energy production used in national and cantonal planning, especially because the power produced by a wind turbine increases with the cubic of wind speed.

The aim of this project is to develop a platform that will allow an efficient, long-term and continuous improvement of the Swiss wind map, and then to improve the wind speed prediction accuracy to ±1-2 m/s in 2-3 predefined regions of interest, as well as to develop an effective communication strategy for the use of the new atlas.

The Swiss Wind Atlas Platform will enable efficient, long-term and continuous improvement of the Swiss Wind Atlas by interfacing with the planned "Swiss Wind Energy Machine Learning Collaboration Platform", which is being developed as part of a separate project funded by the SFOE (see below). Subsequently, an interface to the Swiss Wind Atlas Platform will be established, enabling the transfer of processed wind and reanalysis data, processed simulation data and relevant algorithms. In addition, the regions relevant for the detailed analysis as well as old versions of the atlas can be taken as input. The Swiss Wind Atlas Platform is the heart of the platform and contains algorithms for assimilation, comparison, validation, interpolation and even linking to simulations. It then automatically generates a new version of the wind map.

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