Digital divide - What do older employees really need in the context of digital transformation?

As never before, the topic of generational differences is present when it comes to shaping the digital transformation. Specifically, there is repeated talk of a "digital divide" - a gap between younger and older employees with regard to the skills and use of information and communication technologies (ICT). In view of the studies to date, it can be critically questioned to what extent age stereotypes  play a role in this context and whether the cited digital divide is socially constructed. Against this background, a project in cooperation between the HR Panel New Work and the IAF investigated the extent to which companies perceive an age-related digital divide, what this is determined by and what role age-discriminatory prejudices play in this. These questions were addressed in an online survey of employees and a focus group discussion with managers from various sectors.

Project team

Julia Reiner (IAF), Alexandra Cloots (HR-Panel New Work), Sabina Misoch (IAF)


FHS internal funding


01/2019 – 08/2019